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Richmond District

The Richmond District offers opportunities for all of Central Virginia. Our location in the state capital helps facilitate the Alliance’s advocacy efforts.

Richmond and its surroundings have hosted several major film and television productions, such as: Spielberg’s Lincoln, Homeland: Season 7, Jeff Nichols’ Loving, the AMC series TURN: Washington’s Spies, the PBS series Mercy Street, and the HBO mini-series John Adams just to name a few. Because of its history in film, television, commercial, and documentary production, Richmond has developed an experienced crew base along with a community of talented independent filmmakers and film festivals.

Richmond and Petersburg are historic cities, that offer exceptional locations for filming. Located nearby is a historic backlot featuring a farm set, period ships, a wharf area and acres of undeveloped land. Richmond is known for its eclectic architecture, nearby rural areas, and burgeoning culinary scene, among the best in the nation.



After two terms as vice-chair of VPA Richmond District, Steve was elected chair last year. Since joining the VPA as a film fan, he has eagerly leapt into local filmmaking and has been involved in projects including commercials, shorts that screened at the Brooklyn, Richmond International, and Cannes film festivals. Steve has expanded his work in the film as a member of the board of directors of the Byrd Theatre Foundation, helping develop the iconic theater's "center for film." 

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