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The VPA ListServ shares announcements about acting gigs, industry events and film and TV jobs around the state, as well as festivals and other opportunities. Anyone can sign up to receive the VPA ListServ for FREE, but you must be a current VPA member before you can submit postings. Approved posts will be distributed within 48 hours of submission.

Email to get on the list.

Check your email for a subscription confirmation request. 

It might be in your spam folder. You will not be subscribed until you confirm by replying to that message.

To send your announcement to the entire ListServ, email it to:

VPA ListServ Format Guidelines

Requested postings MUST follow the following guidelines to be approved.

1. When posting, the subject line of your email MUST follow this order:

Targeted to TALENT or CREW or ALL - The LOCATION (Virginia city or county) of the event - Your subject message - Whether it is Paid or Unpaid / Cost or Free

TALENT - Richmond- Casting VCU Student Film, Paid
CREW - Hampton Roads- Crew Call for episodic TV series, Paid
ALL - Charlottesville- Film Festival, $10 for Students $30 for Adults
CREW - Fairfax- Intern needed for casting office, Unpaid
CREW - Staunton- Lighting equipment needed, $500 budget

2. No personal signatures/information on the posting anywhere, except basic contact information (name, email, phone number).

3. URL shortener services like and are increasingly abused by spammers and malware, so please do not include these types of links in your posts as they will likely not reach subscribers. If you want to get your message into recipients' inboxes you should refrain from using them and instead include the full direct URL.

4. Follow the Do's and Dont's in the red column to the right.


  • Make sure you're up-to-date on membership fees. Postings must be from VPA members current on their dues.
  • Make your post factual and relevant to the film & TV production communities in Virginia.
  • Include proper contact information to be included to verify your membership. No anonymous postings allowed.
  • Use a non-Gmail account. Due to an embedded default in Gmail postings, submitters may not see their own posts. To fix this quirk, you can simply register another email to view your posting.


  • Postings relating to states outside of Virginia are likely to be declined unless in the DMV area.
  • Posts cannot be primarily for purposes self-promotion. Posts seeking funding are likely to be rejected.
  • Casting calls for theatre performances are likely to be rejected.
  • Correct submissions will be posted as soon as possible. Please do not inquire after a posting until 24 hours have passed.
  • Egregious and repeated spamming may lead to banning.
  • The VPA reserves the right to decline any posting.

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