Job Description for VPA Business Coordinator – Independent Contractor

Business Coordinator – Independent Contractor

The Virginia Production Alliance (VPA) is a non-profit 501(c)6 corporation operating in Richmond, Virginia, and dedicated to promoting and supporting the statewide film, television and media production industry through advocacy, communication initiatives, and networking and professional development opportunities. The VPA is comprised of a central office in Richmond with local districts in Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia which were created to provide services to their unique local production communities. The Executive Board of the VPA meets monthly and has several committees that oversee specific areas of the VPA, including membership, PR/outreach, budget/finance, advocacy. The Executive Committee is comprised of the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. 

Under an annual contract, the selected service provider will be responsible for ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the organization by managing the ongoing day-to-day operations, coordinating special events and working with the VPA Board, committees and district leadership to ensure that VPA initiatives are implemented. The contractor will report measurables and milestones to the VPA President.


  • MONTHLY MEETINGS – Attend monthly board meetings, schedule meeting space, work with secretary on meeting reminders and minutes distribution, archive minutes, manage online board tools such as Google Docs.
  • NEWSLETTER – Create and distribute monthly e-newsletter to members.
  • MEMBERSHIP – Work with the membership committee and district boards on new member or membership retention programs. Manage all aspects of membership software MEMBEE, including monthly billing, member sign-up, calendar, directory and other membership-related components.
  • PR/PROMOTIONS – Ensure that VPA events and initiatives are adequately promoted by supporting the public relations/outreach committee on marketing and promotional initiatives, including website, social media, sponsorship and membership materials and news releases.
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Manage and update the VPA Website, oversee the listserve and oversee and make postings to the VPA Facebook pages.
  • DISTRICTS – Act as liaison and monitor activities of the VPA districts, provide support to district leadership and ensure compliance with district guidelines.
  • COMMITTEES — Provide assistance to VPA committees as needed and monitor compliance with committee guidelines.
  • FUNDRAISING/SPONSORSHIPS – Work with the board and districts to identify and contact potential sponsors; ensure that current sponsors are acknowledged and receive benefits for their contributions. 
  • MEETINGS – Periodically participate in meetings of committees or districts as needed, in person or by phone.
  • FINANCIAL – Coordinate financial matters with the VPA Treasurer, who is ultimately responsible for accounting and all financial or budget related issues.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE – Oversee the VPA office, supplies equipment and archives, answer emails and questions, send cards or flowers for special occasions and manage the general administration of VPA business affairs. Provide assistance to the VPA president and Executive Committee as needed.
  • LIAISON – Act as liaison between VPA and film-related organizations such as TIVA, WIFV, VCU Cinema, Richmond Ad Club, Brand Center, George Mason University, the Virginia Film Office or any other organization having a similar mission.
  • FILM EVENTS – Represent the Virginia Production Alliance at screenings, film festivals or other film-related events. Coordinate sponsorships made by VPA to film festivals or other groups. 


  • STATE OF THE INDUSTRY — In coordination with district representatives and the Virginia Film Office, produce three State of the Industry events in Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia.
  • ELECTIONS – Manage the annual board elections and coordinate with the district leadership on district board elections.
  • ANNUAL MEETING – Manage the annual meeting in March.
  • EVENTS AND INITIATIVES – Coordinate, assist, or participate in other events or initiatives as needed, which have included Legislative Film Day, Seniors Meet the Industry, AICP SHOW, Video Expo, and other VPA workshops.


The position is a one-year contract commitment with an option to renew.  

Below are requirements for the position:

  • Experience working with volunteers
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a group with minor supervision
  • Experience with working in a non-profit environment a plus
  • Understanding of public relations and social media
  • Strong computer skills
  • Flexible work schedule and ability to work occasional evenings or weekends
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Interest in community service
  • Some experience in film or TV is preferred but not required

TO APPLY:  Send your resume and a cover letter describing your qualifications to Please include your phone number, email address and three references. References will only be contacted if you are a finalist for the position.

TIMELINE: Application deadline, December 1, 2019. Job Begins January 1, 2020. 



– Pay rate is variable, based upon experience, but as a contractor it is straight 1099 hourly work, not on a payroll (e.g., no benefits, no taxes withheld in advance).

– Can work remotely but does require travel to Richmond for certain board meetings and events (probably about twice a month on average).

– Work hours are completely flexible.