ECX Film & TV Festival

Coming soon to Hampton Roads, August  21-24th, The East Coast X Fest is a film and television industry festival created to connect emerging actors, production crew and filmmakers to the resources they need to achieve their dreams. If you want to become a part of the industry, learn more about what it takes to succeed in the industry or simply connect with other industry professionals, than this is one festival you simply can’t miss. Daily workshops, seminars, and panel discussions led by award winning industry professionals are designed to teach you cutting edge techniques and help you perfect your craft. ECX Fest is for filmmakers looking for distribution, producers looking for financing for their next project, actors looking to connect with casting directors and anyone who is a fan of film and television.

The East Coast X Fest caters to adrenaline junkies of all ages. Action sports, comedies, horror, documentaries… anything with attitude; all screen during the most exciting 2 weeks of the summer. Set against the backdrop of the largest surf contest on the east coast and taking place in the middle of countless extreme action sports exhibitions, the ECX is not your typical festival. Our film screenings go beyond the conventional theater setting. Movie-goers can choose between indoor and outdoor theaters to enhance their experience. Daily workshops with industry professionals, a kickoff concert on the eve of the festival, several daily screenings and nightly after-parties make the East Coast X Film Festival the most exciting opportunity to feature your film or documentary.

Hampton Roads Board of Directors

Announcing the new Hampton Roads Board of Directors:

  • Tiffany Armstrong- Chairman
  •  Dave Hobbs- Vice Chairman
  • John Howell- Vice Chairman
  • Bill Armstrong- Secretary
  • Brooke Lawsing- Treasurer
  • Marty Terry-Chairman Emeritus
  • Nick Ventura- Board Member at Large
  • Monty Ross- Board Member at Large
  • Will Rodriguez- Board Member at Large
  • Clyde Santana- Board Member at Large
  • Tom White- Board Member at Large
  • Chris Abaya- Board Member at Large
  • James Lea- Board Member at Large
  • John Wilkins- Board Member at Large
  • Judi Flowers- Board Member at Large
  • Mark Burnett- Board Member at Large
  • Andrew Quicke- Board Member at Large
  • Dave Olson- Board Member at Large
  • Tomeka Winbourne- Board Member at Large
  • Arlie Hammons- Board Member at Large

Congratulations and Thank you to the new board, We are excited to collaborate with you and bring the Hampton Roads VPA to a new productive and creative level. The board will now start meeting monthly, to be more productive. We will also be giving constant updates on new projects and workshops as the details become available. Our next General Meeting will be July 8th, 2014 at Regent University in Screening room A of the Communications Building. Please stay tuned for more details.